Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week. 3rd- 7th May 2021. Organised & led by Perinatal Mental Health Partnership.Aiming to raise awareness of:
🔸️Perinatal mental health problems,
🔸️Advocate for women effected,
🔸️Change attitudes and behaviours.

Young Women's Group.
The theme for this week was Healthy Relationships and what this means to them. We discussed how negative relationships can impact our mental/ physical health.
#health #stayingsafe #positivity

Handmade cards and decorations for Ramadan made by Umeed group.
Art has been an effective tool for mental health recovery.

Wishing you all blessed and happy Ramdan.

Session delivered by Claire from Hive.

Ramadan Mubarak to all those celebrating this holy month from Roshni Ghar.
A time to empty your stomach and feed your soul!
May all your prayers and fasts be accepted.
#wellbeing #ramadan #reflect #prayer #charity

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