Meet the Team

The Board

We have a diverse board which consists of 8 individuals who all have an interest in mental health and wellbeing. 
The board are responsible for the strategic guidance of the organisation.

F. Ansari

Child Psychologist

M. Shutt

Specialism: Autism

J. Akhtar

Specialism: Finances

C. Rowen


R. Williams

Specialism: Dementia

J. Ali

Adult Social Care, Health & Wellbeing

F. Shaheen

Mental health champion

Y. Qadeer

Service user representative


Roshni Ghar has 6 part time staff who all have extensive health and wellbeing knowledge and experience.
In addition to this they all have bi-lingual skills and are culturally aware of the needs of the women that we work with.

S Akhtar


N Ashraf

Mental health and wellbeing coordinator

A Rehman

Mental health worker (young women’s project)

A Tahir

Mental health worker

Y Begum

Mental health worker

Z Yasin

Mental health worker (wellbeing lead) and volunteer coordinator

Supporting Staff

Our supporting staff bring a unique set of skills to support the work that Roshni Ghar does. They are an integral part of the organisation.

B Khannum

Support worker

Y Akhtar


T Akhtar