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WhAT is Roshni Ghar?

Roshni Ghar is a Mental Health charity that provides culturally appropriate, responsive services for South Asian women experiencing mental ill health

Roshni Ghar is still open and accepting referrals.

We are mainly working remotely and doing everything we can, offering 1:1 telephone calls to all our clients to support them with their mental health & wellbeing.  Please see our facebook & instagram for updates.


Roshni Ghar works predominantly with women from South Asian backgrounds to provide community-based peer and professional support.



The  Referral process is simple and can be undertaken by any health and social care professional or professionals within education.


12 Month Recovery and Wellbeing Plan

Once referred, women will begin a programme of recovery called the 12 Month Recovery and Wellbeing Plan.


Some examples of our work

Gup Shup Group.

Gup Shup Group is for women who have low level mental health needs. They are offered 1:1 emotional support and are encouraged to take part in other sessions taking place at Roshni Ghar.

Work Skills Course 

Roshni Ghar facilitates a weekly Work skills course (aka Job Club) with help and support from Craven College. A tutor from Craven College and one of Roshni Ghar’s volunteer jointly run this session. It is for women who are actively seeking employment whilst in receipt of means tested welfare benefits.

Roshni Ghar’s groups and activities

What Service Users Say

I enjoy coming to Roshni Ghar because it gives me a chance to talk to the other women and I particularly enjoy the ‘Cook n Eat’ sessions and the Art & Craft activities

T. Karmar

I was feeling lonely and ‘down’ whilst ill at home and was wondering how I’m going to get better. Coming to Roshni Ghar has helped me as I talk to other women and take part in activites, engaging in the English classes has built my confidence. At Roshni Ghar I feel calm and relaxed.

T. Akhtar

It has  been nearly two year I have been coming to Roshni Ghar. I find this group very useful for my emotional, physical and mental health

S. Sultana

I really enjoy coming to Roshni Ghar because we do a lot of calm and enjoyable activities and also we get a chance to make new friends and interact with them. I also like coming here because it gets me out of my comfort zone

A. Khan

I really enjoyed the sessions overall, they helped improve my cardiovascular endurance and I learnt loads of new techniques. I also thought about what I was eating and I realised why my mood changed.
I never would have thought I would have enjoyed these sessions as much as I did. I loved the sessions and would love to do similar things in the future.

S. Haseen

Roshni Ghar has inspired me to do moer activities and made me feel confident. I got to know a lot of the girls there.

S. Batool